Welcome and thank you for using azk!

We wish to make your experience using azk the best possible.

Please, read the terms below carefully in order to better understand how you can help us reach that goal.

Online version: http://docs.azk.io/en/terms-of-use/

Printer-friendly version: https://github.com/azukiapp/azk/blob/master/docs/content/en/terms-of-use/README.md

Effective since: February 18th, 2016.
Last uptdated: February 18th, 2016.

Terms of Use

Using azk, command line interface tool, implies in the acceptance of the terms below.

Azuki (the company that created and maintains azk) wishes to obtain your permission to collect certain usage data.

These terms describe the motivation to collect that data as well as list the data to be collected and how it will be treated.

These terms can be altered without any notice, which you accept with continued use of azk.


The collected data will be mainly employed for the purposes below:

  • Detection of hardware and software configurations in which azk is used as well as their recurrence;
  • Detection and prioritization (by recurrence) of internal errors to be corrected in azk;
  • Inference and prioritization of new features to be added to future versions of azk.


Data collection is automatic and ongoing.

There are two kinds of data collection: anonymous and non-anonymous.

In the first case, no personally identifiable information will be collected or associated to the corresponding usage data set collected.

In the second case, users will have the option to inform an e-mail address to be associated to their usage data set collected.

This e-mail address will be used for support purposes (Azuki may send solutions to automatically reported errors in azk even if users don't ever request them).

By informing an e-mail address, you assume to be the owner of that e-mail, to have access to its inbox and the authorization for Azuki to send it solutions to the errors reported by azk.

Data collection is optional.

When using azk for the first time (version 0.17.0 or higher), every user must accept these Terms of Use. azk won't start completely till users accept them.

Then, at this point, data collection will be activated by default.

When the first error take place, you'll be informed and asked to inform your e-mail if you wish to do so.

Data collection (anonymous and non-anonymous) can be deactivated whenever you want. The same applies to switching from anonymous to non-anonymous modes and vice-versa. Check these instructions to learn how.

Collected Data

Remember: azk is open source software and thus it can be easily verified by any person or entity to confirm the veracity of the list below as well as the information on the last topic ("Modalities") without any permission from Azuki or any other party.

No personally identifiable information will ever be shared by Azuki with third parties without previous user authorization.

Usage data:

  • azk version;
  • commands used;
  • Docker images used;
  • name of images repository used.

System data (Hardware e Software):

  • operating system (and version);
  • processor architecture;
  • CPU name and model;
  • number of CPU cores;
  • total RAM memory;
  • IP address.

Internal erros in azk:

  • returned error message;
  • error stacktrace.


Your computer's IP address informs your approximated location.