azk config

Controls azk configuration options.


$ azk config (list|set|reset) [options]


  list                      Shows all configurations and its values
  set                       Set a configuration value
  reset                     Resets all user configuration


For boolean config values several values are acceptable on config-value argument:

  • true: on, true, 1
  • false: off, false, 0
  • no set: undefined, null, none, blank, reset
  config-value              Value to be passed to config command (on/off/null)


  --quiet, -q               Never prompt.
  --help, -h                Shows help usage.
  --log=<level>, -l         Sets log level (default: error).
  --verbose, -v             Sets the level of detail - multiple supported (-vv == --verbose 2) [default: 0].


# list all configurations
$ azk config list
{ '': undefined,
  '': undefined,
  '': undefined,
  'terms_of_use.accepted': true,
  'terms_of_use.ask_count': 1,
  'crash_reports.always_send': undefined,
  tracker_permission: undefined }

# set your email
$ azk config set
azk: `` was set to ``

# check your email
$ azk config list
{ '': '' }