Source code


Depending on your OS you'll need to follow a few steps before installing azk. Follow them here for Mac, or here for Linux, but feel free to skip the last step of installation that uses one of the package managers (brew or apt-get).

Linux Additional Step

If you're on Linux, besides installing Docker you'll also need to install the libnss-resolver project.

Follow the instructions here to install it from a package, or from source.

Getting the azk source code

Open the terminal and type:

$ git clone
$ cd azk
$ make

When make is done building azk's binary, add the following to your shell configuration file (~/.bashrc, ~/.zshrc):

# azk source and azk brew
if [ -d "$HOME/your/path/to/azk/bin" ]; then
  alias azksrc="$HOME/your/path/to/azk/bin/azk"

Make sure to change "$HOME/your/path/to/azk/bin" to the directory that you cloned azk. The snippet above will first check if you have the azk binary in the directory path, and then create an alias called azksrc that you can use anywhere in your terminal.