Running the application

Once the Azkfile.js is created, we are ready to start our application:

$ azk start -vv

The output of the command above should look something like this:

Figure 1-1

If all went as expected now you can access and the following screen should appear:

Figure 1-1

Important: If you get an error "Webpage is not available", you might have to restart your computer so it can recognize the DNS resolver. You can confirm this by running:

$ scutil --dns

And checking that the output does not include More information can be found here.

Note that when you refresh the page a few times the instance id is changed to another value. This happens because there is a load balancer that points to one of two instances of the site.

In the output of azk status we can check that there are two instances of the azkdemo system:

Figure 1-3

This setting, to use two instances, is defined in the Azkfile.js (generated in the previous step):

  scalable: {"default": 2},