Adding services

Before you begin, make sure you have azk installed.

This guide assumes that you have followed the Getting Started section, and are already a little bit familiar with azk and editing the Azkfile.js.

One of the cool things that you can do with azk is to quickly add services to your application that can help with testing, or quickly adding extra functionality.

In this guide, we'll start with a simple Node.js application and add MailCatcher and ngrok to it. That will allow us to easily test out sending emails and capturing the information contained inside it, and also test webhooks with a live application URL.

Getting the sample project

To start off, let's download the sample project we'll use as a basis for the next steps. You can either:

Clone the repository:

$ git clone


Download the project as a compressed file:

$ curl -L -o
$ unzip
$ mv azkdemo-services-master azkdemo-services

Note : All commands cd [path_demo]/azkdemo-services in this guide, take into account that [path_demo]/ is the path where the file above was extracted, be careful to always point to the correct path. ;)